Dealing with the haters has left me numb and afraid.

I'm too scared to face anyone at school or go online.

Dealing with the haters has left me numb and afraid. Details

Everywhere I turn, someone is out to get me. Whether it’s at school or online, someone is always finding a way to make me feel like shit. Sometimes it’s about my looks, but other times they say the world would be better without me. It’s starting to get worse. People online who I don’t even know are starting to send me nasty things. I’m just so sad all the time and I feel more alone than ever.

I’m scared to ask anyone to listen to how I’m feeling because they might make fun of me or think I’m being a drama queen. I just feel like I’m trapped, and no one wants to be around me anymore. I don’t even know if I like myself anymore.

I hate this feeling so much but nothing seems to help. I just wish I had someone to talk to, someone who could understand, but it feels like I’m completely alone in this situation.

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I just want the pain to go away.

When will people finally accept me for who I am?

I just want the pain to go away. Details

My family hates me and they don’t even know it. I’m gay, but no one knows. They’ve never been accepting of homosexuality and if I ever have the guts to tell them who I really am my world will come crashing down. They always say stuff about gays, “burning in Hell,” and being gay is, “unnatural,” or, “disgusting.” I just sit there silently thinking, “Yep. That’s me.”

It hurts me and it scares me. I’ve finally accepted who I am, but how am I ever supposed to share that with anyone else? Even on the days I feel the most confident about who I am I end up thinking, “Will God still love me?” My family thinks He won’t…

I don’t know any other gay kids my age, and I don’t know anyone I can trust and talk to. I’m just sick of feeling trapped, I want to block out ALL the negativity and just be me.

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Being sad for no reason SUCKS.

I thought I would never feel happy again - but I'm getting better.

Being sad for no reason SUCKS. Details

I wasn’t myself for a long time, and honestly, I couldn’t even tell you why. Sometimes I was sad, sometimes angry, but mostly I just felt numb. I didn’t want to do anything, didn’t want to see anyone, I really just wanted to go to my room as soon as I got home from school. I didn’t even know who I could talk to. I was scared to tell my mom, I felt embarrassed because I couldn’t even explain to her why I was feeling the way I was. One day I skipped school because I “didn’t feel good,” but really I just didn’t have the motivation to get out of bed. I finally broke down to my mom and told her I needed to see someone, I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was scared.

It’s been a few months now and I can already feel a change in my mood. I spoke to a few different therapists until I found one that I really felt like I could trust and understood how I was feeling. They even encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone and I’ve done a few group therapy sessions with other kids my age. I was feeling really lonely for a while, but when I realized there were others like me who didn’t even know why they felt the way they did I felt a little less alone. The support felt really good. I was definitely scared to reach out for help for a variety of reasons, but now I’m proud of myself for being brave enough to make my mental health a priority.

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My ex just hooked up with my used-to-be-best-friend.

I am so done with all of this.

My ex just hooked up with my used-to-be-best-friend. Details

What kind of friend hooks up with her best friend’s BOYFRIEND? Like, where are her morals? Whatever happened to Girl Code? WTF. I know I can’t just blame it on HER, because HE messed up too, but seriously, what a BITCH!

I HATE them. I hate them both SO MUCH. They ruined my life and sent me into the deepest hole I’ve ever been in. I can’t figure out how to dig myself out. I am so sad and pissed off and every time I tell myself to get over it, it hurts more. I just want to rip my hair out, it’s so hard. I seriously just can’t even deal with this.

I don’t even know who to talk to because I don’t have my best friend anymore. I just feel so numb towards everyone, even though inside I feel like I could EXPLODE. Nothing even feels worth it anymore when two people you loved destroy you.

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Sad? Annoyed? Anxious? It's hard to put these feelings into words.

Sometimes these feelings become intense and don't go away.

Sad? Annoyed? Anxious? It's hard to put these feelings into words. Details

These feelings may indicate depression. Depression is more common in teens than you may think, and can feel differently for everyone. So how do you know the difference between a bad mood swing and depression?

If you don't want to do the things you used to love to do, you’ve started using alcohol or drugs or you’re hanging with a bad crowd to avoid others and escape reality, you could be depressed. If you stop going to classes and taking part in school activities, or you begin to hate yourself or feel ugly, stupid, or worthless, you’re probably dealing with more than just a bad day.

When you feel this way, it can seem like no one understands. You’re not alone and if you are struggling with depression it isn’t hopeless. Even though it can feel like you can never feel better, you can—and with support from loved ones and healthy choices, that day can come even sooner.

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Do you or someone you know need someone to talk with?

You are not in this alone. We hear you. We're here for you.

Do you or someone you know need someone to talk with? Details

It can be hard to express how you’re feeling—especially when you feel hopeless, worthless, or depressed.

Everyone struggles with feelings like these at one time or another. This doesn’t mean you’re weak, and you should never be ashamed by the way you feel. Accepting your feelings and opening up to someone you trust will help you feel less alone.

No matter what it feels like, people love and care about you. If you can find the courage to talk about your depression, it can—and will—get better. In fact, it’s helpful to share your worries with someone who cares about you. They don't need to be able to "fix" you, they just need to listen.

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If You Need Help Urgently

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
or Text 4HOPE to 741741

Additional Resources

Feel like you could use some extra info?

Additional Resources Details

Download the “A Friend Asks” App: a FREE smart-phone app that helps provide the information, tools and resources to help a friend (or yourself) who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

More resources coming soon.